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Like most young men, I loved cars.  

As far back as I remember my life seemed to revolve around cars.  As a child, when my family would come over to visit I would take their cars to the backyard and would clean them inside an out. While providing a service for my family, my biggest motivation was that I could drive them. 

Like most young men, I wasn’t sure exactly what I would be doing in life but I knew that in some way, it would have to do with cars, trucks and SUV’s.  So not surprisingly, my first real job was detailing cars for Thrifty Car Rental.  I took a lot of pride in my work.  There’s just something about a clean car that makes a person feel good.

Fast forward to today.
Launching BigBoy Rental is the first milestone of a dream to own my own business. I want to build something for my family while staying true to my roots. Today it feels good to finally be a young minority C.E.O. of a company that I have taken the first steps to build. I’ve also tried to be an example to my kids, family and friends that it's possible to make something out of nothing. If you believe it enough and willing to put in the effort, and sacrifice, you can grow to be whoever you want to be. Barriers of age, color, ethnicity, can only defeat you if you let them. Never underestimate yourself and never give up on your dreams.  You can achieve your goals!

To all my family and friends who continue to support me in this pursuit, I love you all and want to express my gratitude by being someone who I hope you will all be proud of.

To my customers, both past and in the future, please know that I will dedicate myself to earning your trust and your business.  

Thank you


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