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Not only does tinting add a touch of design but also offers privacy for your personal space, while enhancing the overall look.


Have you ever been watching TV and glare coming through the window makes it hard to see the screen? What about when you’re driving and the sun causes you to squint the whole way home? These are problems that window film can easily reduce! Darker window films block the most, but all of our window films will help tone down the bright sun.  Ask us about what color or percentage of tinting is right for you!

UV rays can cause the fading of carpets, furniture, you name it. Whether you want to prolong the life of valuables in your home or want to reduce fading on items within your business or storefront, window tinting is a great solution! All of our window films block at least 99% (some even 99.9%) of the UV spectrum, which is the main cause of fading. As it so happens, the next two causes are heat and visible light, which are also reduced with window film!

Room heating up too much? Air conditioner overworking? Many window films can help! Our advice is to get the film installed before the summer heat arrives! Once you realize how much heat reduction window films can bring, you’ll question why you didn’t invest in them sooner!

Window films make it easier to enjoy the daylight view of the outdoors, without allowing your neighbors or passersby to see inside. Home and car break-ins are more likely to happen when the thieves can see what’s inside.  Feel secure knowing that your belongings are better hidden. Traditional window films help to increase privacy during the day, whereas opaque films help all day and night!

Along with increasing privacy, window tinting also increases safety as it is harder for windows to break when they are tinted. If they do break, the window film will hold the shards of glass together — keeping you from a mess of shattered glass. If safety is your main concern, we recommend safety-specific films that are thicker — ranging from 4mm to 11mm thick!

Let's face it....Tinted windows look cool. If you’re looking to increase the visual appeal of your vehicle, home, or business, tinted window films are where it's at. Use them to add a touch of richness and professionalism to the exterior of your vehicle, home, or business.

Last, but certainly not least, use window tinting to help balance the temperatures in your vehicle, home, or office. This means more balanced heating or cooling regardless of the space.